There is Remarkable vehicle in Cebu, and Its called Cebu Shuttle ride.

Don´t miss out the special Cebu Shuttle tours! which can be unforgettable experience.

Jeepney is national symbol of the Philippine. Jeepney is the most popular and famous public transportation in the Philippines. It is the country’s most popular mean of public transport extremely cheap, pretty nice design, However, it is difficult to ride for tourists because of language barrier and the routes although there’s quite a lot of shuffling inside.

If you still want to try ride a jeepney, we will inform you about the special Cebu Shuttle. ”Cebu City Tour”

Discover the best of Cebu city with special Cebu Shuttle!

What is the difference to ordinary one?

  • Pretty comfortable.
  • Not shuffling inside.
  • Safety first.
  • There is a refrigerator,TV, Locker under the seat.
  • Unique design.
  • A security guard also ride with passengers for your safe.

4 places to see in Cebu city

Departure:Robinsons Galleria

Tips for riding the special Cebu Shuttle

First, you visit the Cebu-Japan Tourist Center which is on the 4th floor of Robinsons Galleria.

Second, you apply at the office.

Third, you ride on the Cebu Shuttle at the gate of Robinsons Galleria, and the tour starts!

The tour runs 4times a day. If you have a chance to go to Robinsons Galleria, don't miss this tour!

Departures: 10:30/ 12:00/ 13:30/ 15:00
Time: About 1 hour
Tour fees: 2,200 pesos each

Have a great day by a unique Cebu Shuttle and feel the local atmosphere!

① Fort San Pedro

It was built at Spanish period and described as built of stone mortar with a tarpaulin where guns are mounted.

② Magellan's cross

Ferdinand Magellan was the first European to come to the Philippines in 1521. He built a wooden cross. The original cross is reputedly encased in another wooden cross for protection, as people started chipping it away in the belief that it had miraculous healing powers.

③ Sightseeing place: St. Niño church

It is the oldest Christian church in the Philippines.

The statue of Child Jesus was gifted by Ferdinand Magellan, and it is placed at the altar of church.

④ The Heritage of Cebu Monument

The big monument describes the history of Cebu and historical architecture in Cebu.

The tour goes around those 4 places and goes back to Robinson Galleria.

You can drop off before Robinsons galleria: The biggest shopping mall in Cebu, SM city

Being the first major SM mall in Cebu, SM City Cebu has been popular to both Cebuanos and tourists alike since its location is near the port area. Dubbed as the mall where ‘Everything’s Here’.

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「Island souvenir」 : You can print your name on original T-shirts.

You can get off half way before arriving Robinsons galleria.

Back to Robinsons galleria

Another special Cebu Shuttle is coming next year.

Riding a Cebu Shuttle is a little bit RISKY for tourists, This one is perfectly safe though. Don't miss this special chance!

This tour will be closed when reaches the capacity. So Make a reservation as soon as possible.

We also have transportation service.

In cebu city :Free Pick up
In Mactan island :one way 500 peso each. return 1000 peso each.

Reservation Inquiry

You can book the tour on the top right side of the screen.
Fill out "Name", "E-mail", "the day and time you'd like to attend", and "the number of participants" or visit the counter of Japan Tourist Center on the 4th floor of Robinson Galleria.